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Our current individual and group coaching programs (TYCA & TGHE) and Adjusting and Coping eCourse will have a special offer. We want you to be ready for opportunities and settling into your new country.

Career Expats

6 Benefits of a Career Abroad  

For aspiring expats exploring their pathways

Yes, an expat move can seem overwhelming, but let's help you understand that the benefits I am sharing are ones that I have been enjoying as a 12-year expat. I am sharing my insights based on my lived experience in seven (7) countries living my purpose daily.

Your booklet contains the top six benefits, and there are many more, but I want to get you started and excited with these first. My favorites have been career progression and travel. What will be yours?

Do you want to learn more about these benefits? If so, grab a copy of this digital download today!

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Take Your Career Abroad Workbook

If you’re a career professional seeking a career and balanced life in another country, you now have a workbook to get your journey started.

This workbook has been created and curated to have you start your process successfully, so you can determine if an international move is right for you.

The twenty-five (25) page, printable/editable workbook is the planning tool you need to take your first steps towards a life abroad that you have been seeking: assess yourself, your desired goals, address your fears/concerns and plan. 

Move Abroad Vision Board

Do you have a goal of moving to another country? Start your planning with the help of a vision board!

The benefits of a vision board are that it can combine a visual and verbal reminder of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations and transform them into achievable short, medium and long term goals.

Find eight (8) pages of step-by-step worksheets and instructions and five (5) template ideas to bring your goals to life on a Vision Board.  Get the personal success you deserve towards your move without being distracted from where you are going.

Move Abroad Planning Workbook

Have you dreamt about moving to another country? Are you also unsure of where to start or even know what topics you should be thinking about?

Well, this workbook will help you get started in your process of planning the aspect of moving. If you’re interested in slow traveling, being a digital nomad, or just taking a sabbatical for your career, you now have a workbook to get your journey started.

Find eighteen (18) pages of an editable/ printable workbook with step-by-step planning and executing instructions, worksheets, rec. readings and more!


High Demand Sectors To Take Your Career Abroad

Here are some of the top sectors trending you can get into if you want to take your career abroad! There are so many options out there. With the right amount of research and preparation, you can seize these opportunities and travel the world! 

Black Americans Moving and Living Abroad

Do you need to know how to leave America ASAP? You may need to work for a few more years or have some debt yet to pay off. Karla is an expat career strategist and can help you plan your blaxit by moving your career abroad.

Start Your Expat Journey in the Know!

The Move Abroad - Start Your Expat Journey eCourse is a Five (5) Module "Get Started" Course

We take the time to explain and help understand the framework of moving abroad and becoming an expat. Start here if you are pursuing a career and life in another country that matches your purpose and values. Learn about timelines, trends, and pathways for making an international move using your current career or transferable skills. 

We are excited to share a course that provides foundational knowledge to the various ways you might explore using your career to move to another country. If you have any doubts about the move abroad process, start here!


Poster of Xpat Chats Interview

Xpat Chats: Living Abroad As A Global Citizen 

Xpat Chats: @XpatChats features inspiring stories of expats and nomads living abroad through live chat sessions designed to build community, spread awareness, and discuss the practicalities of living abroad. In this session, Karla Fraser of @roseapple.global shares her experience as an American living abroad. As a global citizen Karla has lived and worked abroad in various countries including Jamaica, UAE, Afghanistan, Dominica, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Niger 🇳🇪!

Want to see check out more of my podcast features? Click the button below to read more!

Your Strategy Session (1:1 Coaching)

Are you interested in getting personalized support for using your career abroad as a career professional?

Using your career/transferable skills in another country can help you:

1) maximize your career progression,

2) have more freedom and flexibility with your time, and

3) improve your quality of life.

Did these benefits pique your interest? Then let's explore your option for a career in another country. The world is your oyster!

Start with a Strategy Session - a paid 1-hour coaching session to explore, ask questions, and get on the fast track to mapping your career path abroad.

Don't hesitate; book your coaching session now!


Brown leather duffle bag in the road

Four Tips For Moving Abroad

"These antidotes may sound like common sense, but they are worth the reminder. Many of us get excited about the job, packing, and getting there, but we also need to think practically for a moment. These tips are geared to help you do just that. So, keep the excitement, prepare wisely, and enjoy your expat journey."

Notebooks for interview prep scattered on a wooden table

Take Your Career Abroad Tips

"if you are seriously looking to take your career abroad this year — here’s your chance to start the preparation and planning. The new year tends to bring new energy and excitement to life for most of us. While you are motivated, let’s have you prepared to capture every opportunity or job posting that may arrive in the upcoming two to three months. Your expat journey awaits!"

            "Take Your Career Abroad" Group Program

Calling all aspiring expats ready to embark on an extraordinary international journey using their career!

Sign up for the practical and tactical roadmap to transform your career into a gateway for exhilarating expat life.

Join us for six (6) dynamic group learning sessions designed to empower and guide you on your quest to unleash the full potential of your existing career experiences.

With the guidance of Karla Fraser, Founder of Roseapple Global, you will be igniting your dreams and kickstarting your epic expat adventure!

Let's not forget, when you join, you become a part of a like-minded community of career professionals seeking out new experiences through their careers! 

Explore Take Your Career Abroad - Individual Program 

We understand the value of one-on-one guidance and development and that a group coaching program may not be everyone's preferred learning style or mode.

That is why we have also created this program (Take Your Career Abroad) in an individual format as a high touch point program for you.

In this format you:

  • get personalized advice from our founder and truly unlock your potential,
  • get advice on how to transition your life abroad,
  • learn how to navigate pressing matters (such as finances, family, healthcare and quality of life) assuaged. 

Now both our group and individual programs are already packed with invaluable resources to intentionally prepare you for your transition to be an expat career professional. Are you interested in receiving the insights and benefits of Expat Career Coaching as a Career Professional seeking to use your career as your ticket to move abroad?

Take Your Career Abroad Individual and Group Programs are Ready for You!

Learn more about our Coaching Programs Now!


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