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Our current individual and group coaching programs (TYCA & TGHE) and Adjusting and Coping eCourse will have a special offer. We want you to be ready for opportunities and settling into your new country.

Adjusting and Coping - Living Abroad (eCourse)

Now that you are taking your current career or transferable skills abroad, you should plan and prepare for your transition to a new culture with some coping skills. We provide practical insights and knowledge to help you adjust, cope, and thrive in another nation. We aim to help you avoid a rough transition during those initial months.

Adjusting and Coping - Living Abroad is a 2-module course focusing on two components.

Cultural Adjustment—In one lesson and a reflection worksheet, you will understand various cultural challenges and ways to plan for them. This course section explores the shock and adjustments you may experience at work and in daily life.

Coping Strategies—In one lesson and a reflection worksheet, you will gain insights and tips for developing your coping plan, particularly for the initial 3-6 months. This course section empowers you to manage the adjustment challenges you may face.

Bonus ToolsIn four (4) lessons, you will gain additional tips and planning tools for adjustment and coping. The course toolbox helps with planning and taking further actions for a smooth transition.

The experience behind the course:

As your course facilitator, I have used my higher education career to work and transition in nine (9) countries and six (6) regions; plus, I am an avid traveler who has visited 50+countries:

  • Middle East - United Arab Emirates - 2007 & 2023
  • Central Asia - Afghanistan - 2012
  • Caribbean - Dominica - 2013
  • Southeast Asia - Singapore - 2015, Indonesia, and Malaysia - 2019
  • South Asia - Bangladesh - 2020
  • West Africa - Niger - 2020
  • Caribbean - Dominican Republic - 2021

Five (5) benefits of this course:

  • Self-paced modules and one-on-one coaching
  • Gain insight into culture shock and adjustment
  • Gain clarity and advice about coping techniques
  • Understand and develop the steps to avoid a rough entry into a new country
  • Takeaway resources include practical and actionable information and resources to begin life in your new location

Your Living Abroad Transition Begins Now!

Regular: 157.00 USD.       

4 Modules

Adjusting & Coping - Cultural Adjustment

In this section of your course, we dive into and learn about cultural adjustment. 

You will cover:

1. Definition associated with cultural adjustment

2. What you might expect at home or work.

3. What actions can help you adjust. 

** Your printable PDF worksheet has your reflection prompts for this module.

Cultural Adjustment Toolbox

In this toolbox, you will dive deeper into understanding cultural adjustment using the cycle/theory of cultural shock and the cultural iceberg. Both tools are helpful in developing self-awareness to cultural shock as part of your cultural adjustment.

Adjusting & Coping - Coping Strategies

In this section of your course, we learn to develop ways to cope with stress while abroad. 

You will cover:

1. Identifying stressors and challenges,

2. Importance of building resilience

3. Understand coping strategies, including mindset and involvement

** Your printable PDF worksheet has your reflection prompts for this module.

Coping Strategies Toolbox

In this toolbox, we help you think about practical ways to manage stress and build coping skills. Both tools help develop think of your personal coping tools and ideas for stress management for cultural adjustment.

Modules for this ecourse 4
157.00 USD

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