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Self-Care Advice & Resources

Tips, Tools, Advice, and Resources for Self-Care Routines and Practices. 


Five (5) Self-Care Tips for Expat Life

"Self-care refers to caring for yourself in three aspects: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you care for yourself in these areas, you are promoting a healthier and more enjoyable life...Expats need to practice self-care throughout their journey. But practicing self-care during stressful times, such as a crisis or emergency, would be strongly recommended." Keep reading to find out great ways to practise self care as an expat.

Three (3) Tips to Reduce Loneliness for Solo Expats 

"Being an expat has many upsides and can be quite exciting. The ability to live, work, and explore another country and culture is what dreams are made of... However...It is not uncommon that there is a sense of loneliness and isolation that can occur during your expat journey... Since these feelings are bound to occur, it’s best to create a plan that could help minimize these effects." Hop on over to find what tips can best help you cope being abroad. 

How I Overcame My Challenging Spa Experiences as a Black and Curvy Expat 

"I took a hiatus. It was not because of the stares or the obvious uneasiness of other spa guests. Nor was it the random treatment from the spa staff because I was the only #black...You see, I no longer fit the typical size spa robe, sarong, or slippers most spas issued to their guests...." Want to find out how I overcame this bump in the road? Click the button to read more. 

Reflection: Women and Self Worth 

"As a black woman in higher education abroad, I have been blazing trails for others who will come behind me, but I have also struggled...My ten (10) years in the field of International Higher Education had its fair share of stress, tears, sleepless nights, and even the occasional doubt. However...I have learned to know my worth in seeking positions, negotiating mutual best interests, and walking away when it’s time."


Self Care Planner 

As a global traveler and busy career professional, I have learned how essential rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul is to your daily life. So, I designed a no-hassle self-care planner. 

It helps you create a routine and track basics like meals, grocery list, fitness routine, weekly fitness plan, and your self-reward. We also have a section for reflection activities and more. Create a self-care routine that works for you!

Your ten (10) pages printable or digital (via editable PDF) will have everything you need to start, continue, or add a bit more organization to your routine.

Prioritize yourself and your well-being!

Self Care Planner with Assessment

Self-Care practice is revitalizing your life! As a busy career professional, I have learned how essential rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul is to your daily life.  

Your self-care planner will help you assess your current routine, create or adapt your practice, plus assist you with tracking the basics like meals, grocery lists, fitness routines, weekly fitness plans, monthly gratitudes, and your self-reward.

Your one-of-a-kind planner includes sixteen (16) pages of worksheets and instructions to ensure your self-care remains a priority.

Assess . Plan . Practice . Be Well

Your "Spa At Home" Planner

Pamper yourself at home using your DIY Spa Day at Home Planner. It is designed to help you create the perfect environment at home for a manicure, pedicure, facial, and much more!

Your Planner includes - Suggestions, How-Tos, and Step by Step guide to create that blissful spa experience anywhere (potentially lol)!


  • avoid traffic
  • no rushing through treatments
  • beverages of your choice
  • even the option to take a nap when you finish
  • have a solo experience or share it with others

Self Care Challenge Cards

You spend many hours daily, weekly, or monthly taking care of everyone and everything around you, forgetting to take care of yourself.

Well, it is about time you make yourself the priority with these Self Care Challenge Cards! 

This goodie contains thirty-six (36) box-shaped, printable cards to help you put yourself first. One for each day of the month with 5 bonus cards to help you keep self-care on the top of your list. 

Perfect for anyone starting a new routine or wanting to amplify their self-care practice.  Self-prioritization - helping you put YOU first. 

Take the challenge with our most popular set of cards!

"I AM" Affirmation Cards

Does your affirmation or mediation practice need a boost? We are here to assist with our “I AM” Affirmation Cards. They are designed for daily inspiration, wisdom, renewal, positivity, and centering your well-being.

Your card deck contains thirty-six (36) printable cards to help with a positive mindset and a suggestion practice card. Great for holding yourself accountable and supporting your self-improvement goals.

Perfect for: 

  • Mindfulness practice 
  • Daily Affirmation 
  • Journaling 
  • healing circle/group
  • And more!

Alphabet Life Principles

Using the alphabet, we will help you create a positive mindset focusing on various life principles.  These cards are designed for inspiration, wisdom & courage, one for every two weeks.

We know affirmations are a proven method of self-improvement and can be used for motivation, journal prompts, or meditation.

Your card deck contains thirty-four (32) box-shaped, printable cards to help with a positive mindset and a suggestion practice card. 

Great for holding yourself accountable and supporting your self-improvement goals. 


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